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Joining Les Filles for 2018!

I’m super stoked to say that in 2018 I’ll be riding in the blue black and hot pink colours of Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team!

Hannah Nicklin looking super cheesy in her brand new Les Filles QOM kit <3
Me looking super cheesy in my brand new Les Filles QOM kit <3

It’s almost 2 years to the day since I pinned on my first ever race number(5th of October 2015) , and over those 2 years, Les Filles QOM have been a massive part of the scene that I’ve grown to know. They were the ‘expert riders’ in my first ever LWR women’s race training day (one of them helped my bash my handlebars back into shape when I came off on a corner), Tracey talked me through my first attempts at Palace, Nic Oh’s Hand of God came to my rescue in one or two of my first road races, and of course I’ve gotten to know the Palace regulars down the pub over the summer.

I’m super stoked to be joining such a strong team, with miles of experience, and crucially a sense of humour (something I think will be excellent for me) about the whole racing ‘thing’. They work hard too, though! We’ve got Tour of Yorkshire winners, National Series winners, Rás na mBan stage winners, and a handful of Masters RR and crit champions across loads of age groups. The sponsors are also super cool; I love the vibe of QOM; their women’s specific cycle clothing is really classy but so are their group rides and work encouraging more women to ride and race. Also, Dynamo pizza and Imperial Cycles servicing sounds pretty great too!

Look out for me in the Women’s Team Series and every National Series race I can get my hands on this year. Time to step up…

See you on the road!

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